Wednesday, April 20, 2011


(Let’s raise the tone of the debate. This is about values, and principles, not which level of government has jurisdiction. Vote for what you believe in.)

1. If you believe that the wealthy are the bastion of liberty in a world threatened by the torpor of equality and that the example of the poor is needed to prod the young on to enterprise, success and innovation.
2. If you believe that Stockwell Day played with dinosaurs when he was a child.
3. If you believe that tar sands oil is “ethical” and that it is our duty to ensure that American SUVs never do without.
4. If you believe that nurses, teachers, bus drivers, hospital workers, and garbage collection workers are overpaid while bankers and corporate executives have a tough time making ends meet.
5. If you believe that vehicle and gun owners are stigmatized, even criminalized, when they are required to register their accouterments.
6. If you believe that global warming provides a useful challenge to slothful species, and that only the fit deserve to survive.
7. If you believe that the wealthy should be allowed to buy the health care they need ahead of the less well-heeled.
8. If you believe that corporations and the animal spirits of those who run them are enervated by over-taxation.
9. If you believe that the price of freedom is whatever it costs to buy the very latest jet fighters off the shelf.
10. If you believe that aboriginal peoples have received all they deserve from the settler societies that have taken their land



Filostrato said...

The ten points will make up the body of the constitution of New Harperland.

What is really terrifying is that there are people who would probably agree with all of them.

Anne-Marie said...

11. If you believe that the mechanisms of democratic governance are just pesky wooden shoes jammed in the efficient engine of a free, unfettered market.

12. If you think facts and evidence are a poor substitute for cant and ideology.

Tom said...

13. If you believe that Canada needs a tea party dictator masquerading as a prime minister.

Jamie Laidlaw said...

Hey James:

This is a great list that details the monstrous without any masquerading.

Harper's ex-cronies at the
ncc have pretty much said the same thing but they included making CBC private which I guess means run by Sun.

This all comes from the dreadful fetid mind of Ayn rand now reeking havoc as the Tea Party. Most ridiculous because those folks were trying to dictate their own terms not be bobbled around by a massive transnational.

Anonymous said...

We need to start a discussion on the need to create a world wide social democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Prof. James:
Sure, Harper's an easy target, but isn't it time we took a look at where Jack Layton is leading the NDP? Our boy Jack -- or should we say your boy Jack --wants to create new offences in the Criminal Code for elder abuse and carjacking. Both are adequately covered by the assault and theft/robbery sections of the CC. In other words, old wine, new bottles. There are sensible ways to deal with both problems, particularly elder abuse. Redrafting the CC isn't one of them. And he wants to hire more RCMP officers. But crime stats show crime is down. And hiring more coppers costs a lot. Jack lifted that one right out of the Harper/Ford bag.They used to say that when the CCF/NDP went swimming, the Liberals would steal their clothes. Now, the Conservatives go swimming and Layton steals theirs.

Anne-Marie said...

@Anonymous at 8:20

They also used to say that when the NDP are up in the polls, the Conservatives and Liberals come concern trolling. Oh, wait, we still do.

The law evolves along with the society it’s a product of. When the anti-stalking law was formulated, the Criminal Code already included watching and besetting, and assault of every stripe. The problem was that the existing laws weren’t equal to the unique legal challenge that stalking presented. The vulnerability of the elderly is in many ways equal to that of children, but the laws against child abuse can’t be invoked to protect them.

I’m no great fan of the RCMP, but there are quite a few places where they’re the only police and they’re thin on the ground. Everyone is entitled to policing at a level that actually provides some security. Of course, restoring the long form census is a must, in order to ensure that the level is based on something other than opinion, fear-mongering, or ideology.

Bill Bell said...


Anonymous said...

Fucking Douchebag

Anonymous said...

I actually laughed when they mentioned banking overpaid? If that means the financial services profession. Come work in our field for a year and say we don't deserve it. Ruthless and hardnosed. Listening and helping those unwilling to help themselves and finding ways for people to help themselves. FYI. Most of us work harder and longer hours than most people will work in a life time. Interesting fact. Most of you smugg educated lads spend more time watching tv or being on the computer in one week then you do learning and keeping an a eye on your finances. Oddly then you bitch that you don't have enough. Spending more time and finding ways to make more, would make your life better. Simply put. Don't look for handouts. Make it happen for yourself in life.

Anonymous said...

"We deserve it" cries the banker. How much is it you deserve or is the answer just everything? The, "if everyone just worked harder" line is tired. To use your own rhetoric, you knew it would be ruthless and hard nosed and it had long hours.
Worse is you want to continue with short sighted economic policies that drove us into debt. The CPC knew they had revenue shortfalls in 2008 and then cut corporate taxes. If I got a pay cut and then spent more you would tell me I managed money poorly, yet you salute it from the Tories.